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Why Pray For The Poor Souls In Purgatory

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Pray for the Poor Souls…all the time!
Your list of ideas is never-ending, begining with our list of prayers for the Poor Souls.
We have developed more Catholic products, especially the various Rosary’s used to honor Our Lady, such as the Memento Musi Rosary.
All monies, generated or donated, go directly to printing more Poor Souls cards that are distributed, mostly with your help, to the Faithful.

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First, praying the prayers you can download at Poor Souls Prayer card, with pleasing Jesus first, as He is the one who loves the Poor Souls the most and uses your prayers to lessen the Poor Souls suffering, offers up all the works of charity, both corporal and spiritual, for your soul. Secondly, when you pray for a Poor Soul, they will pray for you and your intentions until you enter Heaven. Imagine an Army of Poor Souls pleading your prayer intentions to Our Lord!

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Our Poor Souls in Purgatory prayer card are available to download in Latin, English and Spanish. It gives you daily prayers to pray for the Poor Souls, no matter who the Poor Soul is, family, friend or enemy. Since 2006, our prayerfully designed 4″ x 9″ rack cards are in the hands of the Faithful online and distributed through Catholic locations in an effort to help reduce the pains and sufferings the Poor Souls experience, according to God’s will.

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